≡  Selection of gas how to best?

Consumers should buy gas at the store, the official agent of the gas company. Also, when buying gas should check the seals shrink, anti-counterfeiting stamps still be taken on the gas bottle valve.

Along with that, check out gas bottle caps have put braille name brand gas, sink word play on portable gas tank straps coincide with the brand name printed on the body of the gas cylinders to ensure genuine.

Because the reality on the market are occupied bottles of famous brands, then grinding embossed letters and repainted as gas tanks of their brands. Bark is thin and grinding will increase the risk of gas leaks, reducing the vapor pressure of inflammable or explosive gas.

≡  How to use the gas stove & gas?

Should not cook too long and continuous for a long time on the gas stove. Because, when cooking continuously for a long time, the flame temperature will affect the average gas pressure in the bottle makes up, easily lead to explosive gas cylinders.

To save gas, the internal market should prepare food to cook each dish, cooking, the cooking continuously to avoid cold kitchen to cook and then on the other, repeatedly turn will consume gas stove futile.

At the same time, adjust the flame so that the bottom of the pot touches 1/3 medium flame and bottom of the pan area. Avoid flames around the boiler for energy consumption will heat up around useless.

Do not get gas stove where there is a lot of wind or wind toward the use of gas stoves for cooking. Adjust the wind so that the best gas combustion efficiency (enough air to burn off gas, observe blue fire at the top and do not smell gas while cooking).

A few more consumer issues should also be noted that, should not be too old gas stove, also require periodic inspection or replace a new gas stove. Since starting to use until around 5 years is the average duration you need to replace the wiring. However, this period also depends on the environment, as well as using the request and advise the employee's behalf station and periodic maintenance of the family kitchen.

For consumers using the gas tube and a closed, occurs when the gas leak, if standing near the kitchen stove or are used to immediately lock gas valve and turn off the heat, near open flame off kitchen area (such as lights of plants). Then open the doors, windows for ventilation.

If you do not use the kitchen and stood near the door, the window, then quickly opened the door open and close the valve cylinders sought. You can use hand fans for fans to quickly reduce the concentration of gas in the air slightly below the explosion limit.

Absolutely not perform any action that may cause sparks like a lighter turn, closed or off electrical appliances such as contact, knife, Aptomat, electric fans etc. including cell phone.

Finally, everyone must be quick off the smell of gas, the risk of fire or explosion. Call the store, gas agents send staff to inspect and handle.