Cooker China 'goods' restaurant Germany, Italy, Malaysia: How to choose and use the electric stove

Cooker is items are very popular. There are businesses for profit entered the kitchen shoddy Chinese and "witchcraft" in a row Germany, Italy, Malaysia. Here are ways to help consumers choose and use the best electric stove.

On 22/1, Dai Nghia Hoang - Captain of market management 14 (Market Management Department Hanoi) said the plan implementation peak inspection of counterfeit, pirated goods before the New Year New Year 2015, has examined businesses kitchen equipment Co. Romal of South Vietnam located at street corner 61/2 Me Tri, Tu Liem Nam, Na Noi.

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The label is pasted on top of kitchen electric products originating from China

At the time of inspection, the working group has discovered the company is dealing in kitchen appliances such as stoves electromagnetic, infrared cooker, microwave, hood, oven ... Thousands of products are manufactured in China.

In particular, during the inspection, market management team of 14 has caught on the premises and detain thousands of labels marked "made in Germany, made in Malaysia, made in Italy" and hundreds of products the electromagnetic stove was labeled "made in Germany, made in Italy, made in Malaysia" on the outside to fraud brand.

According to Hoang Dai Nghia - Captain management market number 14, this is a fraudulent act, consumer fraud blatantly self-printed labels when big brands to paste out of inferior products output

Management market forces detained the entire commodity signs of violation and papers relating to the investigation as well.

How to choose and use the electric stove

About 1 year ago, the kitchen was quite familiar to the people of the capital. Compared with other types of kitchen, toilet outside advantages, safe, courteous and especially power saving (thermal efficiency reaches 90% compared with the thermal efficiency of 48% alcohol stove, gas stove is 58% ) when cooking are the advantages "suck" people, many restaurant kitchens since moving to.

As the owner of a shop that sells electricity from the kitchen, gas stove, to the kitchen, the buyer should choose products with well-known brand trusted by consumers.

In addition, representatives of a power distribution unit from the kitchen special attention to choose the product meets all the criteria: convenient, fast, economical and safe, the "eyes see, touch hands "also requires understanding.

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Cooker is very popular item.

Specifically, how to buy electricity from the kitchen:

- The glass kitchen diameter as large as possible to be able to cook all the pot has a large area. Front laminated on the surface of the stove manufacturer must be published in quality, achieving A. Because A is the best kind.

- Trays from inside the kitchen is kind of high quality copper, less impurities. Usually there are 8 kinds of good bars are kind of poor quality only 6 bar.

- Induction Cooker is the home appliances high load currents should choose the warranty as long as possible.

- In particular, attention should be paid to the certification of quality international standards. This criterion is that very few people noticed. They are:

+ CE Certification: Certification required for some goods are manufactured or imported into the European Union. This is a certified product meets the requirements for safety, health, environmental and consumer protection.

GS + Certification: A certificate of conformity of products with technical safety requirements under the Law on Safety of Germany. This certification is accepted by consumers and distributors in other countries in and outside Europe.

+ CB: Certification of conformity of products with international standard IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

+ Vrohs: Certified products do not contain hazardous substances 6 in materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium +6, PBB and PBDE.

Use kitchen

To use electric stove from durable, hygienic users should clean kitchen after cooking. Restrict to overflow into the kitchen for easy kitchen surface cracking and damage the internal parts. For the kitchen from the sound, the trouble required by the test engineer should not open up for easy repair damage, warping inside the kitchen cause more damage. And be careful not to put 4- 5 common household electrical appliances for an outlet, can cause overload currents lead to fire.

Some considerations when using the kitchen from: For the kitchen away from heat, moisture, kitchen back to at least 15cm away from the wall, so far from the other animals at least 5cm; put the pot in the specified range and then turn on the power switch and adjust the potentiometer to the corresponding capacity. Avoid cooking pot without food or dry roasted might cause fire or cracking stovetop; finished wiping clean of dust and dirt from entering the electrical parts from. To not take long to clean the packaging for storage.

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